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Selected testimonials

  • Fantastic speaker! Really great at making it interesting and challenging thoughts and ideas.

  • Charismatic, enthusiastic, accessible, extremely knowledgeable – very enjoyable and useful.

  • Rarely have we learned such an enormous amount in such a short period of time having so much fun.

  • Very interesting. Lots of conceptual material and very well balanced with good insights. Humorous and  personal.

  • Excellent, exciting, makes me think wisely and would recommend my teammates to attend one of his sessions.

  • Emre is one of the best educators I have ever met. He has a masterful grasp of his subject, and used modern methods to translate the teachings. This is the gold standard of presenting a module.

  • One of my favorites at INSEAD! Thank you for everything. Highly engaging, interesting, knowledgeable, funny and relevant. Very good combination of theoretical and research background as well as practical implementation.

  • There are so many things that are instantly applicable to my organization and so many ideas and approaches that I can implement, trial and test.

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