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Behavior Studio
G Gap: mind the other generation
Dr. Soyer gives informative and entertaining talks on experience, decisions, creativity and behavior.
Behavioral science talks at Soho House. 

Lectures and workshops designed for Executives, EMBA, MBA, MSc. Finance, MA Entrepreneurship, BA Business, and general public. 



  • Behavioral Decision Making

  • Creativity & Ideation

  • Mastering Experience and Intuition


Dr. Soyer consults on customer, manager, employee experience, decisions, creativity and behavior.  


The processes involve: 

  1. Identifying and prioritizing organization-specific innovative behavioral strategies, 

  2. Customizing and testing solutions based on scientific methods and field evidence.


HAZ - Music project with an album on the way

Story & Music - Literary project with an ebook on the way

Siete Colinas - International band (shelved, 2012)

Iyifon - Pro-social telecom project (shelved, 2010)

In the morning of a day - Climate change platform (defunct, 2009)


Dr. Soyer is a behavioral scientist in the Business Faculty of Ozyegin University, Istanbul. 

His research focuses on experience, judgment and decision making. He’s interested in creating tools and mechanisms that aid individuals in making better decisions and improve their learning.

Scholarly publications

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