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Emre Soyer, PhD

Behavioral scientist, founder of SOYER Decision Advisory.

Workshops, talks, consultancy on decision making & negotiations.

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Interactive modules that improve decisions & negotiations.


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Sessions on decision & negotiation problems & solutions.



Sustainable solutions to decision & negotiation related issues.

Business School Collaborations


Adjunct Professor of Decisions Sciences at INSEAD

Executive, EMBA, MBA sessions on Management Decision Making & Negotiations.

Faculty website:

Visiting Professor of Behavioral Science

Bayes Business School, TUM, SDA Bocconi, USI Lugano, EDHEC

Executive sessions on Strategic & Creative Decision Making.

Alumni events on decision making

Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, London Business School, Toronto Rotman, UNC Kenan-Flagler, Georgetown McDonough, IIM Bangalore, & others.

Applied Publications


The Myth of Experience, with Robin Hogarth     (Amazon, Goodreads)

Why we learn the wrong lessons and ways to correct them.

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Conversation with David Epstein on how to get better at learning from experience

  • Fooled by Experience - HBR

  • Stop Reading Lists of Things Successful People Do - HBR

  • Don't Learn the Wrong Lessons from Failure - HBR

  • Don't Let a Good Story Sell You on a Bad Idea - HBR

  • A Picture's Worth a Thousand Numbers - HBR

  • Using Simulated Experience to Make Sense of Big Data - MIT SMR


More articles, blogs, puzzles, videos at

SOYER Decision Advisory

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Mehmet U. Soyer

Robin Hogarth, PhD


Faruk Atasoy

Ipek Aktar, PhD


Bora Alp Arat

SOYER Decision Advisory

SOYER Decision Advisory

References & Testimonials

Companies we worked with include Airbnb, BBVA, EY, Beam Suntory, BIP, Google, Grant Thornton, ING, Microsoft, Pfizer, Shell, Tata Group, TBWA, Turkish Airlines, ...


Emre understood our way of doing things, enriched our vision on data-based decision making, and provided applied ideas based on scientific evidence. Strongly recommended to deal with both known and unknown unknowns.

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Challenges you to confront preconceived wisdom and best practices by offering compelling evidence on why decision making can so often go wrong. I would recommend to those who want to improve decision making, and learn how experience can cloud judgments.

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Eye opener! Very insightful for managers. You won't look at decision making the same way again.

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Interesting and inspiring! Challenges many assumptions and ideas that we take for granted in our daily and professional life, which dangerously end up trapping (or even worse misleading) our decisions.

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The Decision Professionals in Shell had two sessions with Emre on biased or distorted experiences and their impact on the business. Emre is a very enthusiastic and accomplished speaker, and these sessions were very well received.

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Indispensable to managers, who want to understand, predict, and improve their own and others’ decisions. I'd recommend to all types of organizations.

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Selected comments from executive sessions

  • Fantastic speaker! Really great at making it interesting and challenging thoughts and ideas.

  • Charismatic, enthusiastic, accessible, extremely knowledgeable – very enjoyable and useful.

  • Rarely have we learned such an enormous amount in such a short period of time having so much fun.

  • Very interesting. Lots of conceptual material and very well balanced with good insights. Humorous and  personal.

  • Excellent, exciting, makes me think wisely and would recommend my teammates to attend one of his sessions.

  • Emre is one of the best educators I have ever met. He has a masterful grasp of his subject, and used modern methods to translate the teachings. This is the gold standard of presenting a module.

  • One of my favorites at INSEAD! Thank you for everything. Highly engaging, interesting, knowledgeable, funny and relevant. Very good combination of theoretical and research background as well as practical implementation.

  • There are so many things that are instantly applicable to my organization and so many ideas and approaches that I can implement, trial and test.

Academic Publications

  • Hogarth R. M., & Soyer E. (2021). Regression to the mean: Experimental evidence and a proposed heuristic. Decision, 8(3), 133.

  • Soyer, E., Pauwels, K., & Seggie, S. H. (2019). Big and lean is beautiful: A conceptual framework for data-based learning in marketing management. Review of Marketing Research, 16, 63-83.

  • ​Seggie, S., Soyer, E., & Pauwels, K. (2017). Combining big data and lean startup methods for business model evolution. AMS Reivew, 7(3-4), 154-169.

  • ​Hogarth R. M., & Soyer E. (2016). Kind and wicked experience in marketing management. Journal of Marketing Behavior, 2, 81-99.

  • Soyer, E., & Hogarth, R. M. (2015). Learning from experience in nonlinear environments: Evidence from a competition scenario. Cognitive Psychology, 81, 48-73.

  • Hogarth, R. M., Lejarraga, T. & Soyer, E. (2015) The two settings of kind and wicked learning environments. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24, 379-385.

  • Hogarth R. M., & Soyer E. (2015). Communicating forecasts: The simplicity of simulated experience. Journal of Business Research, 68, 1800-1809

  • Hogarth R. M., & Soyer E. (2015). Providing information for decision making: Contrasting description and simulation. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 4, 221-228.

  • Soyer, E. (2015) Uygulama ve Politika Gelistirme (Nudges and policy applications). In Neyse et al (Eds.) Iktisatta Davranıssal Yaklasımlar (Behavioral Approaches in Economics). Imge. (In Turkish)

  • Hogarth R. M., & Soyer, E. (2015). Improving judgments and decisions by experiencing simulated  outcomes. Neuroeconomics, Judgment, and Decision Making. Psychology Press.

  • Hogarth R. M., Mukherjee, K., & Soyer, E. (2013). Assessing the chances of success: Naïve statistics vs. kind experience. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 39, 14-32.

  • Soyer, E., & Hogarth, R. M. (2012). The illusion of predictability: How regression results mislead experts. International Journal of Forecasting, 28, 695-711.

  • Soyer, E., & Hogarth, R. M. (2011).The size and distribution of donations: Effects of number of recipients. Judgment and Decision Making, 6, 616-628.

  • Hogarth, R. M., & Soyer, E. (2011). Sequentially simulated outcomes: Kind experience vs. non-transparent description. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 140, 3, 434-463.

  • Soyer, E., & Hogarth, R. M. (2015). The golden rule of forecasting: Objections, refinements, and enhancements” Journal of Business Research, 68, 1702-1704.

  • Soyer, E., & Hogarth, R. M. (2012). Response to commentaries on “The illusion of predictability: How regression results mislead experts.” International Journal of Forecasting 28, 719-721.



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